There are more than 50,000 families in the United States living through childhood cancer. And while it may seem impossible, our vision is to offer a retreat for EVERY family living through pediatric cancer who wants to come to Blue Skies.

Blue Skies is intended for families who have a child currently undergoing curative or palliative treatment for pediatric cancer (or who has been off of treatment for a couple of months) at the time of the requested retreat.  Medical professionals can refer families to our program or families can apply directly.

Your child's oncology health care team must complete a Medical Clearance Form (signed by your child's oncologist or PA/PNP) and a Referral Form.  You will be able to review these forms prior to completing the online application.  You must give consent for Blue Skies to obtain this information from your child's oncology healthcare team as part of your application process.  Please see ELIGIBILITY & GUIDELINES for more information.


(All retreats are held at Windmark Beach in Port St. Joe, FL, SUNDAY - SATURDAY)

March 31 – April 6

June 2 – June 8

June 16 – June 22

June 23 – June 29

July 7 – July 13

July 14 – July 20

July 21 – July 27

September 22 – September 28