Camp begins with a warm welcome at check-in and afterwards, our team of amazing volunteers will unload your car. Once you settle in you'll take a walking tour of the property.  Check-in is typically on Sunday between 3 and 4 PM EST.  Sunday night features a Welcome Dinner and the Grand opening of the swimming pool!

Everyone has breakfast on their own - you cook and we'll clean up!!

Chapel is held for the volunteers and guests in the mornings and on Friday, we celebrate communion together.

After Chapel, the guest parents gather to share their stories in Kindred Journeys led by our Camp Pastor. While parents are participating in Kindred Journeys, kids go to H2O which stands for “half-full” to overflowing.  Guest kids get to choose their H2O activity group where they have fun, make friends and get lots of attention. 

Everyone eats lunch together.  Afternoons are spent doing whatever you enjoy the most whether that is playing at the beach and pool, napping, exercising, relaxing in your condo, hanging out with new friends, just whatever "fills your tank."

Each night there is a themed night dinner with fun activities from a Splish Splash Pool Bash to a Red, White and Blue Skies’ BBQ and parade.