Imagine a World without Childhood Cancer,

Until then…Blue Skies®

Our Ministry


When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family is impacted - parents grow weary; siblings take a “backseat”; finances are stretched; relationships become tense; faith and hope falter.

Blue Skies is a ministry that offers weeklong beach retreats to lift families above the clouds of childhood cancer.  

Our mission is to bring the hope of Christ to families living through the challenges of pediatric cancer so that children who are sick will laugh and play and feel “normal” again; that siblings, who often compete with cancer, will feel cherished and get to have uninterrupted family fun; that moms and dads will grow strong and begin lifelong friendships with others on Kindred Journeys; and, most importantly, that everyone at Blue Skies will experience the love of our Heavenly Father. 

These domestic mission trips are staffed by compassionate volunteers who share the love of Christ through caring for the families we serve.  They take care of daily chores like cooking and cleaning while providing fun activities so that our guests can focus on each other and fun times together.

Like so many, we pray for the day when there is no more childhood cancer, but,

UNTIL THEN… there’s Blue Skies.